Keyholders Agency


Branding / Graphic Design


December 2017


Keyholders is a social media and creative production agency founded in 2017 in Cyprus. The client and CEO had approached me with the idea of creating a forward thinking brand that understands how the traditional market of the island operates thus helping move small businesses and brands forward with the power of social media.

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Combining classic design & modern day thinking

Early on in the design process it was identified that the client wished to explore a classic and luxurious design for the brand. Fusing that classic design with clean, bold edges the logo marque was created combining the multiple aspects and characteristics of the brand.

The lock represents the possibilities that lie behind a successful relationship. The eye symbolises the creative and forward thinking nature of the agency and its goal to seek more innovative solutions. Lastly, all this is hosted within the container which is there to keep everything grounded taking into consideration the traditional market of the island.

Typography & Colors

The colours used in this project are meant to reflect the combination of classic and modern design. Cyprus was famous in antiquity for its copper resources. In fact the very word copper is derived from the Greek name for the island, Kupros and thus to represent the root and origin of the brand, copper was chosen as the main colour.

The complimentary blue and grey are supporting colours meant to emphasise the main colour and further enhance its impact

Translating the brand in print format

In addition to creating the brand i was also tasked to research and develop the best solution for offline print formats. In Cyprus word of mouth still plays a tremendous role in the growth of a business and because of this is i had to ensure that the stationery produced would leave a memorable impression to whomever would receive them.

Business cards were printed on Imperial Blue & Ice White Colorplan G.F SMITH paper. 350GSM duplexed, copper foiled and gilt edged. The folders and letterheads were copper foiled and printed on 150GSM textured uncoated white stock.

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