Anyone Creative Meetup


Branding / Digital Design


July 2017


Inspired by the flourishing creative talent in Leeds, we created anyone as platform for local designers & creators to share their stories, processes and collaborate with the local community. In this project we explore the visual identity and assets created for the event ranging from digital design to print media.

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Creating a new event platform to empower the creative community.

A modular Brand

The main goal of the brand and the event was to bring creative individuals together; we wanted our logo to reflect that. That is why we created a very simplistic modular identity based around shapes. The shapes - just like the individuals in the community - come together to form a cohesive result. This approach has also given us the freedom to create a colourful and fun visual identity

Interactive Website

Building on the modular nature of the brand, we decided to transfer those qualities to digital. We created a website that found our logo composed of interactive elements, these could then be clicked and dragged around by users to create fun little illustrations - easily sharable on social media.

Function over form

In regards to the merchandise created for the event, we made the conscious decision to follow a simplistic approach and made sure that the merchandise designed was going to be useful to the attendees.

On the night

The event itself was a major success with all the tickets selling out and over 90 individuals attending. The feedback from everyone was overwhelming and we couldn't be more excited and motivated to keep our anyone events going.

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